About East of Eden

East of Eden dive site is located along the eastern coast of Similan Island number 7, the Similan Islands, Thailand. This reef is one of the most beautiful places diving spots of the Similan Islands.
Prohibition for fishing since 1982 has led to thriving underwater life. Along the whole atoll, you will meet soft and stony corals, starfish, anemones, and gorgonians.
A popular coral bommie is located approximately in the middle of the reef. The peak of the coral forming starts at a depth of 9 m and goes down till the depth of 30 m. In gardens of thick, soft corals, you will meet moray eels, smooth lumpfish, lionfish, shrimps, wrasses, and marine angelfish. Rare sea snakes, yellow-lipped sea kraits (Laticauda colubrina), also hunt here. Life is so diverse here that National Geographic team once spent a whole week on diving to this peak only.
The diving depth on East of Eden dive site starts from 5 m only. Underwater visibility reaches 35 m, and the water temperature reaches 30 °С from January to April. From the middle of May till the end of October, diving is prohibited here due to adverse weather conditions. The easiest way to reach East of Eden is by a passenger cruise liner from Phuket, Khao Lak city or Ranong province in Thailand.

Additional info

Diving Types Fun, Deep
Depth 5 m avg, 36 m max
Salinity Marine
Access Boat
Bottom Type Coral Reef / Aquarium
Visibility 20 m avg, 30 m max

East of Eden on map

GPS location 8.5883, 97.6407