About Crown squirrelfish

The crown squirrelfish (Sargocentron diadema) is an active demersal fish, also known as the crowned squirrelfish. It has an oblong body with a slightly elongated snout and large eyes. Its colour is bright red with horizontal white stripes running from the gills to the tail. There are two vertical white lines on the gill cover and an oblique line on the head below the eye. The pelvic, tail, anal, and the second dorsal fin are colourless with red rays at the ends. Its first dorsal fin is bright red.
Crown squirrelfish inhabit tropical shallow waters among coral, near sheer reef slopes, and in lagoons. They can be solitary or form groups. The species is active at night. It feeds on small fish, Invertebrates, and polychaetes.

Additional info

Salinity Marine
Depth From 1 to 60 meters
Length 17 cm
Red List Least concern
Threat to Human Venomous

Known names


Holocentre diadème, Holocentrum diadema, Holocentrus diadema, Sargocentrum diadema, Adioryx diadema

Local names
Australia Crown squirrelfish

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