About Harlequin sweetlips

The Harlequin sweetlips (Plectorhynchus chaetodonoides) is an Indo-Pacific species of grunt, inhabiting coral reefs and reef lagoons. Juveniles prefer shallow flats, adults are found in deeper waters, near fissures and ledges at depth up to 30 m.
The species is medium in size. Its body is flattened, a dorsal profile is tall in the front part. The lips are thick. The fish is easily recognized by its spotted pattern, which changes greatly with age. Juveniles are brown and have large white spots with dark margins. The tail is deeply forked, both lobes are elongated and rounded. Adults have a light-coloured body covered with numerous small dark brown spots. The caudal fin changes its shape and becomes slightly forked with distinctive tips.
The species is nocturnal, mostly solitary. It feeds on invertebrates, crustaceans and fish.

Additional info

Salinity Marine, Brackish
Depth From 1 to 30 meters
Length 72 cm
Max Weight 7 cm
Red List Not Evaluated
Threat to Human Harmless

Known names


Gaterin chaetodonoides, Plectorhinchus chaetodontoides, Plectorhinchus chaetodontonoides, Plectorhincus chaetodonoides, Plectorhynchus chaetodonoides, Plectorhynchus chaetodontoides, Plectorhynchus chaetonoides, Plectorynchus chaetodonoides

Local names
Australia Harlequin sweetlips, Spotted blubber-lips, Spotted sweetlips

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