About common octopus

The common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) is a mollusc belonging to the class Cephalopoda

Additional info

Salinity Marine
Depth Up to 347 meters
Length 24.9 cm
Max Weight 10 cm
Red List Not Evaluated
Threat to Human Not Evaluated

Known names


Sepia octopus, Sepia polypus, Sepia rugosa, Octopus albus, Octopus americanus, Octopus bakerii, Octopus bitentaculatus, Octopus brevitentaculatus, Octopus cassiopea, Octopus cassiopeia, Octopus coerulescentes, Octopus eudora, Octopus geryonea, Octopus heteropus, Octopus maculatus, Octopus moschatus, Octopus niger, Octopus octopodia, Octopus pilosus, Octopus rabassin, Octopus ruber, Octopus rugosus, Octopus tetradynamus, Octopus tritentaculatus, Octopus troscheli, Octopus troschelii

Local names
Algeria Common octopus
Red List Status

Octopus vulgaris has been assessed as Least Concern because this is a widespread species extending throughout most of the Atlantic and some of the Pacific. Although it is fished over much of its range and although this fishing is mostly unregulated, it is only subject to heavy fishing pressure in selected locations

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