About Sky emperor

The sky emperor (Lethrinus mahsena) is a species of reef fish native to the Indo-Pacific region. It has a flattened body, tall in the front part. The head has a convex forehead profile. The fish is grey-brown or yellowish-grey in color, often with a blue-green sheen, and with wide vertical dark bars. The belly is white. There is a stripe near the gill cover. The bases and tips of the pelvic fins, the forked tail, and membranes of the dorsal fin are red.
Juveniles form schools. Adults are usually solitary. The fish is found on coral reefs and sandy or algal areas adjacent to reef slopes at a depth less than 100 m. Its diet is based on echinoderms, fishes, crustaceans, sometimes molluscs, sponges, worms and tunicates.

Additional info

Salinity Marine
Depth From 2 to 100 meters
Length 65 cm
Red List Not Evaluated
Threat to Human Harmless

Known names


Lethrinus abbreviatus, Lethrinus caeruleus, Lethrinus sanguineus

Local names
China 切胸裸頰鯛, 切胸裸颊鲷, 黃尾裸頰鯛, 黄尾裸颊鲷

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