About Waikato River

Drift dive down a fast flowing river. Ever wanted to feel like you were flying - this is your chance :-)

Spent the first 7 minutes in a big whirlpool, until my grinning guide showed where to go to get swept out. Happened to more or less under the Taupo bungy jump...

Apart from the rush of "flying" down the river, there's quite a few rainbow trout to see, and nearing the end, there's a thermal spring you can go sit in. Just DON'T get your head under water there, as amoebic meningitis is prolific in that water!

Additional info

Diving Types Drift
Depth 4 m m avg, 12.6 m m max
Access Shore
Visibility 10 m m max

Waikato River on map

GPS location -38.6745, 176.0896