About Arctic Trader shipwreck

The top 2-3m is freshwater that has tannins in it, which makes it brown and dark. Below that is saltwater which increases with the tide cycle with a range of 2m. After diving the spot at low tide, I'd recommend just before high tide when more clearer saltwater covers the ship.

Going straight out from the boat ramp or the floating dock, you swim right into the bottom of the hull. the ship is bow to the left, down river, and is lying on its port side faced away from the shore. A nice route is up on the flank of the ship away from the very slity bottom; go right on top of the hull to the bow; then hop inside to go along the upper portion of the deck near the starboard railings. This way you can drop down onto the superstructure as you see it below you. On the ship there is little current, but up in the freshwater or on the surface, it can run 0.5 to 1.5 knots. Only properly trained and equipped divers should penetrate - all others stay outside and shinelights in the hatchways and windows. There are some lines, collapsing structures, and some netting so care is required moving along the ship. Railing in the saltwater are cloaked in sea anemones. Main lights, marker lghts and backup lights are recommended. Good buddy team work is essential to a fun safe dive.

We only dive this site outside of summer to reduce pleasure boat traffic - from October to April or May, divers will almost have the site to themselves.

Additional info

Diving Types Discover, Wreck
Depth 4.6 m m avg, 10.7 m m max
Access Shore
Visibility 5 m m max

Arctic Trader shipwreck on map

GPS location 44.9183, -62.5160