Yalong Bay's Scuba Diving

Yalong Bay is a beautiful 7.5 km long bay, southeast of Sanya City in Hainan Province, China. The South China Sea washes its shores. This paradise is famous for its picturesque white sandy beaches, as well as for its colourful underwater world.
Water is crystal clear. During the dive, divers and snorkelers can watch amazing colourful corals, sea anemones, and various sea dwellers. The depth here is shallow and ranges from 10 to 20 meters. You will find octopuses hiding among the rocks, sea cucumbers, and a lot of small tropical fishes swimming in azure waters.

Getting There

You should fly to Sanya resort to get to Yalong Bay. The bay is only 25 km from the city so that you can take a bus or taxi.


Yalong Bay has a tropical monsoon climate. It is warm all year round. Winters are comfortable and dry. January is the coldest month with a temperature of +22 °C. Summer is hot and humid; the air warms up to +30 °C. The water temperature stays above +20 °C all year round.

Dive Spots near Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay is one of the best dive sites with coral reefs. Scuba divers will enjoy the underwater world represented by tropical fish, sea treasures and fancy shells — there are over 100 species of them here. Giant sea turtles, starfish, jellyfish are found in crystal clear sea waters.