Wakatobi National Park's Scuba Diving

Wakatobi National Park is located to the southeast of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. It consists of four islands: Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea and Binongko. It occupies an area of 1.4 million hectares, coral reefs forming a barrier cover for more than half of this area. A great variety of fish are found in Wakatobi. There are dolphins, turtles, rays, sharks and whales. The underwater world boasts of diverse marine life. It did not suffer from the ice age, so it is a unique place on our planet.
The landscape of the region includes slopes, walls, sheer cliffs, small grottos and caves. Two shipwrecks covered with coral and inhabited by tropical fish lie at an accessible depth.

Getting There

The road to Wakatobi National Park begins in the Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali. You can check-in at a local terminal. The plane will take you to Tomia Island next to Wakatobi. A minibus will take you from there to the sea port in 10 minutes. A speed boat cruises between the islands. Your trip will take 15 minutes.

Dive Shops in Wakatobi National Park


The climate in Wakatobi is drier than in other parts of Indonesia, so diving is possible 365 days a year. The water temperature ranges from +26 to +28 °C, the air temperature is between +27 and +30 °C. There are no rivers in the region, which makes the water clear with an average visibility of 35 meters. The weather is divided into two seasons. The east wind blows from June to October, and the west wind blows from December to April.

Dive Spots near Wakatobi National Park

The Wakatobi Marine Barrier Reef is one large dive site, so you can dive at any spot here. Divers will come across coral, manta rays and turtles at the house reef of the hotel.
The Blade dive site with its underwater hills, fissures and coral gardens forming wonderful landscapes is worthy to be perpetuated in photographs.