Varadero's Scuba Diving

Varadero is a resort in Matanzas Province in Cuba. It is located on Hicacos Peninsula washed by Bahía de Cardenas and Straits of Florida of the Atlantic Ocean. This place attracts divers from all around the globe. The underwater landscape will amaze you with incredible coral reefs, caves and walls. It is a wreck diving paradise with an impressive number of shipwrecks. Many of them have become artificial reefs and home to various sea creatures. Local sites offer extreme night diving, opening up a completely different, wonderful, and mysterious underwater world.

Getting There

Varadero is located 120 km from Havana International Airport. You can get there from the airport by bus or taxi. The trip takes from 2 to 3 hours. There is an airport in Varadero, which accommodates internal flights. A flight from Havana is the simplest and most comfortable way to reach the resort.

Dive Shops in Varadero


The mild tropical climate in Varadero is suitable for diving all year, except for a season of brief downpours that usually lasts from May to October. The most comfortable time for visiting is from November to April when the air temperature is between +25 and + 29 °C and water temperature is from +25 to +27 °C. March is the driest month, and September is the rainiest.

Dive Spots near Varadero

You can find many diverse dive sites in Varadero. Reefs, caves and wrecks are the main dive spots. One of the most popular places is Playa Coral at a depth of 12 meters. Bahia de Cochinos with a maximum depth of 30 meters is perfect for deep dives. The underwater cave Ojo del Mégano is especially interesting. Wreck divers should visit Cayo Pedra del Norte, a marine park with shipwrecks, such as Coral Negro, Neptuno and Caribe.