Tortuga (Turtle Island)'s Scuba Diving

Tortuga is an island shaped like a rock with cliffs and sharp ledges. Now it is known as Île de la Tortue which means "turtle island" in English. It is located in the Caribbean Sea to the northeast of the Windward Рassage and belongs to Costa Rica. Divers are attracted by dozens of pirate shipwrecks and colourful underwater landscapes. One of the most attractive dive sites is a canyon region called El Aquario. It was named so because of the variety of tropical fishes. You will also enjoy the beauty of the giant elephant ear anemones.

Getting There

It is better to travel to Tortuga from Haiti by sea. Another way is by private plane. You can also go to Tortuga from the capital of Costa Rica if you arrive in San Jose International Airport first. Then you should reach the wharf and take a ferry or a yacht.


The climate of the island is hot and humid with sudden changes in temperature during the day. In summer months the air on Tortuga warms up to +28-38 ˚C, and during winter it never drops below +22 ˚C. The average water temperature is +30 ˚C. The period of heavy rains lasts from August to October. Precipitation doesn't affect temperature values.

Dive Spots near Tortuga (Turtle Island)

Bye Bye Reef is a site near the volcanic walls of the east coast of the island. It is famous for its currents suitable for drift diving. Here you will see cuckoo wrasse and manta rays. Franklin Chang Wreck is a sunken ship lying 23 m deep. It has become home to snappers and black trevally.

Dive into
Tortuga (Turtle Island)