The South Coast and Wellington's Scuba Diving

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. The city is located on the South Coast near Cook Strait.
Wellington offers perfect diving conditions. You can also explore Australian marine flora and fauna in the Taputeranga Marine Reserve. Or you can dive in the harbour which offers multiple interesting locations some of which are used for night diving.
The South Coast with its rocky shore, interchanged with sand and pebble beaches, is perfect for diving. Beautiful coral gardens, reefs, wrecks, and rich marine life will turn you dives into a diverse and memorable experience.


The coastal line of Wellington is turned at 360°, therefore, you can always find a spot suitable for diving. January to June is considered to be the best time for diving. The water temperature is between +10 and +17 °C all year round. Most divers wear 7-mm thick, hooded wetsuits. Average visibility varies between 3 and 10 m and can reach 20 m on the continental shelf.

Dive Spots near The South Coast and Wellington

Breaker Bay dive site is situated on Butterfish cliff in the north of Breaker Bay. It is a rock covered with sponges and anemones which are home to small fish and sea slugs. There is a kelp forest nearby, where you can see cods.
Frigate HMNZS Wellington F69 sank close to the shore. It lies at a depth of 6 to 21 m. The vessel broke into 3 parts, but the cannons and the deck-bridge remained intact.

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The South Coast and Wellington