South Water Caye Marine Reserve's Scuba Diving

South Water Caye is the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean Sea. It is an UNESCO World Heritage site. An island with the same name is located in the centre the reserve. It is a unique place where you can come across rare representatives of the underwater world. Turtles and nurse sharks inhabit the reserve. People actively engage in diving, scuba diving, and snorkelling here.
The landscape of South Water Caye includes a large number of rock formations: from sheer walls and caves to crevices and canyons with perfect visibility and untouched reefs. It is a real paradise for cave explorers and those who like to observe marine dwellers in their natural habitat.

Getting There

There are many one-day diving tours in South Water Caye, which start from coastal towns: Dangriga, Hopkins or Plasencia. A speed boat trip will take an hour. The nearest airport to the reserve is Belize International Airport.


The warm water and mild climate make it possible to dive in South Water Caye all year round. The dry season is from November to April and it rains from June to October. If you come to the reserve in April-May you will be able to see whale sharks. During these months, the visibility at dive sites is the highest. It becomes worse in summer due to plankton blooms.

Dive Spots near South Water Caye Marine Reserve

You can dive practically in any part of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. In the northern part of the reserve, there are beautiful places for wall diving. Here, beautiful coral grows and is inhabited by eagle rays, turtles, and coral reef fish.

Dive into
South Water Caye Marine Reserve