Similan Islands's Scuba Diving

The Similan Islands is a group of islands untouched by civilization in the area of the Andaman Sea that belong to Thailand and are located 70 km to the west of Phangnga Province. The islands have been declared a national park and are included in the list of the ten most beautiful places in the world, which makes them attractive to divers. The pristine nature, diversity of the underwater world and the reefs, which have retained their original state, also contribute to it. The islands waters are remarkable for their phenomenal visibility, which can reach up to 60 km.
The most popular is the rock Elephant Head on Koh Similan-8. This dive site amazes with its beautiful flora and fauna. Here, you can come across reef sharks, marine turtles and spider crabs.

Getting There

The Similan Islands are located 100 km from Phuket, from where one can reach the islands. You can reach the place on a speedboat from Taplamu Pier. The other way is to take part in a diving safari.

Dive Shops in Similan Islands


On the Similan Islands, the weather is better than in the other regions of Thailand. Here, it is sunnier and there is no constant haze, but in the rainy season (from May to October) the islands are closed to tourists due to storms and strong winds. Therefore, the most favorable time to visit the Similan Islands is from January to April. The air warms up to +29 ˚C and the water temperature reaches +28 to +30 °C.

Dive Spots near Similan Islands

Near Koh Similan-8, there is a unique Fantasy Reef, which is notable for its massive granite bodies, diversity of coral and strong currents. And Breakfast Bend near Koh Bangu Island amazes with its warm morning light of sunbeams that lighten the underwater world creating a unique play of colors and astonishing visibility.