Sibuan Island's Scuba Diving

Sibuan is one of the most beautiful islands of Malaysia. Nevertheless, there is no infrastructure or tourists. Sibuan belongs to Tun Sakaran Marine Park and is located a 30 minutes speedboat trip away from Semporna. The island is popular among divers and snorkelers and is the second most photographed island after Sipadan.
The shore covered with mild sand gently descends to the sea leading to beautiful coral formations with a tremendous amount of fish. Here you will see cuttlefish, turtles and sharks. Due to the combination of a shallow plateau and steep slopes, this small island has become a regular stop during diving safaris.

Getting There

You can come to Sibuan Island by boat from Semporna Harbour. The journey will take 40 minutes. The nearest airport is 1.5 hour trip to Tawau by taxi or bus. It accommodates local flights from Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu airports.


Sibuan Island has equatorial monsoon climate. Diving is available every day. However, you should consider difficult weather conditions during the monsoon season (from December to January). At this time diving is complicated by strong currents, poor visibility and rains that occur almost every day. The average annual air temperature is +27 °C. There are thermoclines at some dive sites.

Dive Spots near Sibuan Island

Left Shoulder dive site is an excellent place for watching tiny creatures and underwater photography. Here you will see smooth lumpfish, porcelain crabs, shrimps, nudibranchs and snake eels
Drop-Off is a steep wall going 40 m down. Both small creatures lovers and big fish fans will enjoy the dive. You will come across rays, turtles, Moorish idols, sea snakes.