Sao Vicente's Scuba Diving

Sao Vicente is a volcanic island in the Cape Verde archipelago. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean near the west coast of Africa. The tourists are attracted by music and art traditions, cultural and nightlife, historical places and beautiful nature. A village Sao Pedro is located in the south-west of the island.
Divers can explore sunken ships, caves and unique marine world. You will delve into wrecks of a French frigate, reefs, caves, large rock formations, and walls with rich flora and fauna. Living corals and a fantastic volcanic bottom create uniquely beautiful sceneries. The water here is warm and bright. From January to March, you can see shoals of dolphins and giant whales which allow people to approach to them carefully.


Diving in Sao Vicente is available all year round. The climate here is tropical. The rainy season lasts from August to October, and it is dry and windy from July to October. The average air temperature varies between +24 and +29 °C. The water warms up to +23-27 °C. The heat is withstandable due to fresh winds blowing from the ocean.

Dive Spots near Sao Vicente

Le Dromadaire Wreck is one of the most well-known dive sites on Sao Vicente. It is a French ship which sunk in 1762. There are stories that the ship Transported gold and silver, and the divers have a chance not only to visit impressive remains but also to find jewellery.
The Tribe House Reef is a location with fan gorgonians and busy marine life. There are moray eels, turtles, nurse sharks.

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