Pohnpei's Scuba Diving

Pohnpei is a large volcanic island washed by the Pacific Ocean and a state in Micronesia, located in the east of the country. There are 25 small islands and about 140 atolls. Pohnpei features gorgeous nature with tropical jungle, mountain landscape, and rocky coasts. The island is surrounded by pristine coral reef. This place attracts divers with its seclusion and a great concentration of wildlife. The diving industry is still developing, so you can explore new dive spots. The underwater landscape is represented by the charming coral reefs, rocks, and walls. Divers may watch manta rays all year round. Diving in Pohnpei leads to discoveries and gives you fantastic impressions.

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The humid climate of Pohnpei allows diving all year round. It rains heavily during the year, and there are strong winds from December to March. The best time to dive here is from April to November. The average air temperature is between +26 and +28 °C, and the water warms up to +27 °C. February is the driest month.

Dive Spots near Pohnpei

There are a lot of dive spots around Pohnpei, but the best ones are found in the north of the island. The most popular places are Ant and Pakin Atolls with great visibility. You will discover stony corals here. You can take a deep dive in Palikir Pass, which is inhabited by a large population of sharks.