Playa Ancon's Scuba Diving

Playa Ancon is located near Trinidad in Cuba and washed by the Caribbean Sea. UNESCO recognises it as a World Heritage Site. This white beach stretches along crystal clear sea waters. Divers from all over the world come here to enjoy marine wildlife. Reefs, caves and tunnels create the magnificent sea landscape. Playa Ancon is also an archaeological reserve with wrecks of ships and schooners, submerged during the colonisation period. Now they have become artificial reefs and home to marine creatures. Besides the coral reef with most of the dive sites, a lot of divers visit Ensenada de Casilda to explore the lagoon with mangroves. It is an excellent place for watching tropical fishes.

Getting There

Playa Ancon is 400 km from Havana International Airport. There you should buy a ticket to the local airport in Trinidad or take a bus or taxi. Playa Ancon is just 12 km away from Trinidad.


The pleasant climate of Playa Ancon is suitable for diving all year, except for season of rains and hurricanes which usually lasts from May to October. The comfortable time for diving is from November to April when the air temperature is +26-29 °C, and the water temperature is between +26 and +28 °C. December is the driest month and September is the rainiest one.

Dive Spots near Playa Ancon

There are about 30 dive sites near Playa Ancon. The main spots are reefs, tunnels, and wrecks. The most famous dive site is Cayo Blanco with fantastic corals and vibrant sea life. Wrecks of ships, schooners and galleons lie in local waters reminding of battles between pirates and capers.