Panaon Island's Scuba Diving

Panaon is a small island in the Philippines. It is washed by the waters of Surigao Strait and is located in the province of Southern Leyte. This location features picture-perfect nature with white beaches and small, hidden bays. Panaon Island is especially popular with divers due to being well-distanced from the civilisation and its waters are home to numerous marine creatures. Scuba diving is easily accessible on the island. Picturesque coral reefs and steep walls decorate the underwater landscape. Even the top layers of water are rich in life which will amaze even the most sophisticated diver. From November to May the most prevalent activity on the island is whale shark watching.

Getting There

First, you have to fly to Surigao. Then, take a fast ferry which departs several times a day to San Ricardo or Liloan cities on the island.


The tropical climate on Panaon Island is suitable for diving all year, except for a season of brief downpours (from July to December). The best time for diving is from January to June when the average air temperature rises to +28-30 ˚С, and the water warms up to +26-28 ˚С. April is the driest month.

Dive Spots near Panaon Island

Reefs and walls are the main dive spots of Panaon. Sogot Bay and Napantaw Fish Sanctuary are the most popular places. The National Park has Rio's and Toshi's wall where you will see huge gorgonians, soft and black stony corals.