Pamilacan Island's Scuba Diving

Pamilacan is a small island in the Philippines and is 20 km from Alona Beach of Panglao Island. The Island attracts tourists with its fantastic beach landscapes and turquoise water, as well as the coral reef full of sea life. That's why the region is also a national park.
Pamilacan Island is a perfect place for snorkelling and diving. Divers can enjoy the landscapes with stony and soft corals, dive to the walls, go drift diving and explore house reefs. The island is famous as the best site in the Philippines for watching large sea animals. Here you will see 13 species of whales, as well as dolphins, barracudas, turtles and manta rays.

Getting There

The nearest international airport is in Manila. There you can take a domestic flight to Bohol Island. There is an airport on the island, located in Tagbilaran. You can get from Bohol to Pamilacan by a private boat from Baclayon Village in 45 minutes, or Alona Beach in 1.5 hours. If you book a hotel, you can request a transfer.


The climate on Pamilacan Island is humid. It rains all year round 2 or 3 times a week; the rainiest month is January. Northeast monsoon blows from November to April. It is the wettest time of the year. There is very little precipitation in April and May. The dry season lasts from June to October. The weather is hot; the air temperature is +30-32 °C. The sea water warms up to +26-28 °C

Dive Spots near Pamilacan Island

Spaghetti Shoal is a dive site where you can drift along the current surrounded by black and white ribbon sea snakes. It is also a habitat for large pelagic fish.
Cervera Shoal is famous for its diverse sea life. Here you will find different species of sharks, moray eels, wrasses, butterflyfish, shorthorn sculpins, and even rare anglerfish hiding among fissures.