Olango Island's Scuba Diving

Olango is a group of islands in Cebu Province of the Central Visayas region, Philippines. The group includes an island with the same name and 6 satellite islets namely: Sulpa, Gilutongan, Nalusuan, Caogagan, Phangan-an, and Kamungi. The island is famous for its exciting diving and the diverse coral world. Diving safaris among the islands of the group are popular. One of the most interesting places for diving is the Mabini Point dive site located on the northern coast of the island. Strong currents attract lovers of underwater extreme and drift diving.

Getting There

To get to Olango Island, you need to fly to Mactan–Cebu International Airport, and from there take a taxi and go to the Mövenpick Hotel. You will find boats there near the pier that take tourists to their destination.

Dive Shops in Olango Island


Olango and its satellite islets are located in a hot and humid tropical climate zone with a characteristic seasonal pattern. From January to June it is the dry season, and from July to December it is the rainy season. The most comfortable period for diving is the summer, when the air warms up to +33 ˚C, and water warms up to +30 ˚C.

Dive Spots near Olango Island

The Bas Coralу dive site on Olango Island is a wall which goes down 30 meters. This place is characterized by strong currents, encounters with barracudas and clown triggerfish. Santa Rosa is a slope where you can see soft coral, fox sharks and seahorses. Diving depth reaches 45 meters.