Montego Bay's Scuba Diving

Montego Bay is one of the biggest cities in Jamaica. It is situated on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. According to some divers, this area is one of Jamaica's best diving places also thanks to its marine park. These nearly 15 hectares of pristine reef beauty are protected by law. Divers and snorkelers not only can admire stunning underwater landscapes but also observe aquatic creatures: stingrays, green sea turtles, reef sharks.
Beginners have a chance to explore small coral reefs inhabited by vibrant sea creatures, while experienced divers can go for more complicated dives: Cayman-Trench Wall and Chub Reef.

Dive Shops in Montego Bay


Montego Bay offers unforgettable diving experience all year round. The best season for diving would be summer. The average air temperature is around +26-29 °C, while the sea warms up to +24-26 °C. There are two wet seasons a year: from May to June and from October to December. This place can boast crystal clear water: visibility reaches 60 meters!

Dive Spots near Montego Bay

Chub Reef is known for a considerable number of Bermuda chubs living there. Divers of any level can explore the picturesque reef and its caves, while the sand bottom is perfect for taking pictures. Underwater flora is represented by corals of all shapes and colours, seaweed, gorgonians, and sea anemones. There are molluscs, barracudas, and nurse sharks here.
Sting Ray City is suitable only for experienced divers (due to unsteady currents). A beautiful reef covered with corals situates the spot. Stingrays and other marine dwellers inhabit it.