Monastir's Scuba Diving

Monastir is a city on the central coast of Tunisia. Habib Bourguiba International Airport is located in 8 km from it. It is a popular destination among tourists because of its variety of historical sites, interesting culture, white sand beaches and diverse diving opportunities. It is possible to dive Monastir year-round. Diving here is suitable for all experience levels. Scuba diving and snorkeling, cave diving and wreck diving – all of these are available in Monastir. The underwater landscapes consist of reefs and rocks with diverse marine life, including lots of colorful reef fish, different corals, sponges, nudibranchs and sea slugs, multicolored parrotfish, white sea bream, amberjacks, groupers, dentex, Mediterranean morays and European congers. Some of the most popular Monastir dive sites are: the Ribat Wreck, Alyssa Epave, Bhiri Wreck, Cezar Wreck, Kliment Rock, Pigeon Island and Rocher de l`Odysea / Odyssey Rock.

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