Moalboal's Scuba Diving

Moalboal is a coastal city on the island of Cebu, Philippines. Here, the tourism industry has been developing with an emphasis on diving. Underwater landscapes delight with their variety of corals, sea anemones, and sponges as well as plenty of reef fish which create a riot of colours.
Conditions for diving differ depending on location. You can find dive sites with the depth from 20 to 60 m. Here you can find dive sites with sand glades, walls, and caverns. Many hotels own house reefs where tourists can dive at any time of the day. Dive sites on the Moalboal are excellent for macro photographers. Taking an underwater camera with you would allow creating of an exciting film about the life of bizarre marine organisms.

Getting There

You can reach Moalboal via Cebu city where a major international airport is located. There are regular buses from the southern bus station in Cebu. The trip takes approximately 3 hours.
But if you want to get to the city faster, you can take a minibus which departs from the Citilink terminal. In this case, your journey will last only for 2 hours.

Dive Shops in Moalboal


The local tropical climate means that it’s humid and hot. From January to May is the best season for diving. In June, the southwest monsoon, called habagat, brings rains with it. Local roads turn into rivers, whereas the beaches become swamps, so there is nothing to do until December in Moalboal. The average air temperature is +27-29 °C, and the water temperature is +26-28 °C.

Dive Spots near Moalboal

Pescador Island is an underwater plateau with a grotto covered in coral thickets. The depth of diving here may range from 5 to 65 m. There are shorthorn sculpins and tuna on the dive site. Also, it is possible to meet reef sharks and cuttlefish.
Sunken Island with a depth from 8 to 38 meters is rich in beautiful Acropora corals and reef fish.