Mergui Archipelago's Scuba Diving

Washed by the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean, the Mergui Archipelago is located in southern Myanmar. The archipelago consists of around 800 uninhabited islands. Rocky shores, with secluded beaches and mangroves, are typical for the islands. The underwater landscape is made up of pristine reefs and steep walls. Their remoteness from the continent attracts divers from all over the world. There are plenty of unique diving spots here. In the local waters, you will see a huge variety of flora and fauna, as well as endangered species. You will encounter 9 types of shark, including leopard sharks and dogfish sharks. During certain seasons, you will see migrating whale sharks and giant oceanic manta rays.

Getting There

You can get to the Mergui Archipelago by flying from Yangon international airport to Kawthaung. The journey takes 2 hours. Then, you can take a speed boat. But the easiest way to get there is by booking a diving safari.

Dive Shops in Mergui Archipelago


The tropical climate of the Mergui Archipelago is suitable for diving all year round — except for the monsoon season (end of May till October). The most comfortable period for diving is from December to April when the average air temperature is +28-34 °C and the water warms up to +26-29 °C. May is usually hot.

Dive Spots near Mergui Archipelago

Coral reefs, steep walls, and boulders are the main dive spots of the Mergui Archipelago. Black Rock, with its steep walls and abundance of various shark species (including leopard sharks), is one of the most visited places. The High Rock dive site is of particular interest with its sheer walls and rocky reef.