Malta Island's Scuba Diving

Malta Island is the largest of the three islands that make up the Maltese archipelago. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea and is located between Sicily (Italian: Sicilia) and Tunisia. Malta attracts divers with it's wonderful and varied dive sites, historical wrecks and it's marine biodiversity.
In the waters surrounding Malta, there are lots of fascinating places covering all depths and levels. There are many rocks, caves, sunken ships and underwater boats as well as winding tunnels. Nowadays, wrecks of the ships have turned into artificial reefs, inhabited by sea dwellers. Here you can see octopuses, rays, scorpion fish, and moray eels. In winter, there are schools of tuna and shoals of dolphins.

Dive Shops in Malta Island


Diving is possible on Malta all year round. In summer, the water temperature rises to +29 °C, and in winter it doesn't go below +14 °C. From December to March, strong winds and rain aren't rare on the island. However, diving is possible even during stormy weather, as there is always a place secured from waves.

Dive Spots near Malta Island

The Rozi tugboat that was built in Bristol in 1958, and was sunk in 1981 as a part of an underwater attraction. It became an artificial reef. The tugboat lies 130 meters to the west of the lighthouse at a depth of 34 meters.
Sugar Loaf is a giant underwater rock with many rocky formations, overhangs, and boulders. Nearby, you can find the Madonna Statue dive site with cardinal tetra and seahorses resting on stones is nearby.