Limasawa Island's Scuba Diving

Limasawa, one of the Philippines Islands that lies 6 km south of Leyte, in the Bohol Sea. The island is about 10 kilometres long from north to south.
Limasawa is one of the Philippines' premier diving destinations. Possible surroundings for diving include deep canyons, steep walls covered with stony corals which have become home to many sea creatures. Divers love the island for small cosy bays, stunning grottoes and reefs, as well as steep walls. Limasawa hosts many species of fish, including large predators. Whale sharks are spotted every November until May. They visit this region while following schools of plankton. If you are an underwater photographer, you love marine life and want to go diving with sharks — Limasawa is sure to delight.

Getting There

The island is 136 km from Cebu international airport. There are two ways to get to Limasawa: by ferry or by plane. The ferry goes to Mindanao island. There you will have to transfer to another ferry. The journey takes about 2,5 hours. Flight to Surigao airport will take 1 hour. Then you need to board the ferry to Limasawa.


Because of the island’s tropical climate, the air is hot and humid all year round. The dry season lasts from January to June and the wet season from July to December. On average, the water temperature is in the range of +27-30 °C, which allows diving without a wetsuit. November to May are the best months for diving.

Dive Spots near Limasawa Island

The best places for diving in Limasawa Island are located in Adrian and Zack bays. They have a depth of 20 to 50 m. You will get a chance to see dark, steep walls with huge gorgonian corals and massive table corals. Here is a home of starfish and colourful Nudibranchs. Seldom you could spot hammerhead sharks and whale sharks here.

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