Lighthouse Reef Atoll's Scuba Diving

Lighthouse Reef is one of the three Belize Barrier Reef atolls in the Caribbean, situated in the southeast of Belize. It has an elongated shape with a sand lagoon and untouched picturesque nature. The atoll consists of 6 small islands: Sandbore Caye, Northern-Caye, Half Moon-Caye, Saddle-Caye, Long-Caye, and Hat-Caye.
Lighthouse is regarded as the best place for divers in the Caribbean. The mesmerising underwater world will provide an unforgettable diving experience. Created by reefs and cracks, the unique landscape includes various thrilling caves and other dive spots. The marine fauna is represented by stingrays, eels, sharks, and reef fish.

Getting There

You can reach Lighthouse Reef only by water. The nearest international airport is in Ciudad de Belice 80 km away. It is better to book a diving tour to the islands at one of the dive shops in the continental part of Belize.


The diving season here lasts all year round due to the mild and warm climate with prevailing east trade winds. There is no division into wet and dry seasons. The hottest time is from July to September while it can rain at any time of the year. Visibility at dive sites varies from 25 to 40 meters. In summer, it becomes worse due to the plankton blooms. The annual temperature of the water is around 27-29 °C.

Dive Spots near Lighthouse Reef Atoll

Great Blue Hole is the most famous dive site which formed as a result of the collapse of an underwater cave. Divers go 40 meters deep to see stalactites and sharks.
Half Moon Cay is an island with caves, channels, and tunnels. There is a big colony of sea eels, lots of snappers, eagle rays, and other fishes here. You can spend the whole day on this site, diving and drifting in the midst of the sea kingdom.

Dive into
Lighthouse Reef Atoll
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