Lang Tengah Island's Scuba Diving

Lang Tengah is a small island in the South China Sea. It is located not far from the western part of Malaysia; it will take less than 30 minutes to get there by speedboat. The island is surrounded by coral reefs which offer more than 20 exciting diving spots.
There was a trading way earlier, and the island was a resting place of sailors. Nowadays, there are tourist hotels on Lang Tengah, and divers come here to see fantastic coral reefs, diverse marine flora and fauna. The Clear waters make it possible for divers to enjoy underwater landscapes of Malaysia to the fullest. The local scene is a combination of sandy bottom and rock formations covered by corals.

Getting There

The nearest international airport that has flights to Lang Tengah is in Kuala Terengganu. Having flown here, you can get to Merang by bus or taxi in 45 minutes. You can get to Lang Tengah from there by ferry in 30 minutes.

Dive Shops in Lang Tengah Island


The most comfortable period for diving on Lang Tengah is from March to September. It is the rainy season in the region from the end of October to March, and during the season the resorts close. Ferry service does not operate either. The air temperature stays at +33 ˚С, and the water warms up to +26-30 ˚C.

Dive Spots near Lang Tengah Island

Karang Nibong Laut is an underwater mound, which consists of giant rocks located on the sandy part of the bottom. Bamboo sharks sleep here, and nudibranch molluscs crawl along stones and corals. You can find moray eels and eels there.
Yellow Reef (Terumbu Kuning) is a paradise for a macro driver. Apart from the fantastic nudibranchs, you will find flatworms, gobies, and many other small marine creatures.