Kyrenia (Girne)'s Scuba Diving

Kyrenia is a famous city in the Northern part of Cyprus on the Mediterranean sea. It attracts tourists with its white beaches, crystal clear water, mild climate, green hills and underwater attractions. Diving in Kyrenia provides magnificent seascapes. Local waters are difficult to overestimate because they are full of unique inhabitants and historical attractions. On some dive sites, you can dive to relics with a thousand-year history. For example, fragments of amphorae and other artefacts can still be found at the wreck of an ancient merchant ship. Caves, reefs and walls are waiting for brave explorers, ready for exciting and exciting adventures.

Getting There

After arriving at Larnaca international airport, you can rent a car or take a taxi to Kyrenia. The trip takes approximately 1 hour. Also, the resort can be reached from Turkey by ferry. For example, from Alanya, it will take 2.5 hours.

Dive Shops in Kyrenia (Girne)


The average temperature in Kyrenia is in the range of +10-16 °C in winter, +26-30 °C in summer. December is the wettest month of the year and January the coldest. The diving season starts in June and ends in September. The sea is the warmest in August (+28 °C). Visibility is between 15 and 30 meters.

Dive Spots near Kyrenia (Girne)

Paradise, located West of Kyrenia, is an exciting dive site for experienced divers. Here you can explore caves, crevices and canyons, starting from a depth of 27 m. Close to Paradise, there is the spot Bambi. It is ideal for beginners. It is a 14-meter-deep underwater reef with a stunning ecosystem.

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