Koh Chang's Scuba Diving

Koh Chang is one of the largest islands in Thailand. The island's name means "Elephant Island". Ko Chang belongs to Trat Province. The most interesting places for diving are far from the coast, so open sea boat dive trips are very popular. The most popular dive site is considered Blueberry Hill, which looks like a Kingdom of boulders and sea predators. The dive site is made up of massive boulders, coral reefs, cliffs and has various marine life to investigate. This dive site is famous for yellowtail barracudas and schools of tropical fish with vibrant colors that delight a diver's eyes. Night dives are a good chance to see how the underwater world changes when night falls.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Koh Chang island. The first one — take a bus from Bangkok Airport to the city of Trat, then take a ferry. This route is considered the cheapest, but the journey will take about 6 hours. There is an expensive and fast option — regular domestic flights from Bangkok to Trat that last 1 hour.

Dive Shops in


Summer on Koh Chang island lasts all year round, dive trips run throughout the year. But the main scuba diving season is from November till May. The average water temperature at any time of the year does not fall below +25 C, and the air warms up to +30 C. You can dive during the rainy season, but it greatly affects visibility.

Dive Spots near Koh Chang

Wreck fans should visit the Thonburi Wreck. The ship sunk during World War II and lies at a depth of 30 meters and 200 meters away from the southeastern tip of Koh Chang. If you like beautiful natural landscapes then the rock Hin Luk Bat, which rises above the sea's surface is a treasure for you. The boulders surrounding the pinnacle have created interesting canyons and crevices that make ideal shelters for hidden fish and critters.