Kenting's Scuba Diving

Kenting National Park is washed by the Pacific Ocean and is located on the southern part of the island of Taiwan. This place is famous for its picturesque nature and reserved lands. You will see snow white sandy beaches; and impressive coral reefs with bustling shoals of fish, turtles, and starfish. Those who like wrecks will find an interesting object to explore. Stony and soft corals create bright underwater landscapes, and a weak current makes it possible to drift over this beauty.
The park has ideal conditions for diving, scuba diving, snorkelling, and underwater photography. Kenting is very popular with divers, attracting them from all corners of the world. The combination of perfect visibility with a rich underwater world will provoke deep emotions.

Getting There

You can quickly get to Kenting straight away from two international airports. If you arrive at Kaohsiung, the road to the marine park will take a 2.5-hour bus ride. The road to Taoyuan airport will take 2 hours by bus. You can also reach Kenting by train.

Dive Shops in Kenting


Kenting has a tropical climate, which makes the weather constantly warm. Diving is possible here all year round. Winters are cool; and from June to October there are typhoons on the coast which can last for days. The water temperature stays at +28 ˚C in summer and is +23˚C in winter.

Dive Spots near Kenting

San Hai is a dive site for beginners. Its bottom is covered with small ravines which are covered with soft and stony corals. In these ravines you can see bustling coral reef fishes, scorpion fish, turtles, and sea snakes. Stingrays visit these waters from April to May.
South Point is an ideal place for cave divers with its magnificent underwater landscape, caves, and rocky formations.