Karpas Peninsula's Scuba Diving

The Karpas Peninsula, or the Peninsula of Karpasia is located in the northeast of Cyprus. It ends with the long Cape of St. Andrew that extends into the Mediterranean Sea. Hills covered with forests adorn the peninsula, and high mountains smoothly descent into the water, where they turn into an undersea mountain range. Some beaches of Karpas are crowded, and some are barren, inhabited only by seagulls and turtles. The peninsula is not particularly popular among ordinary travellers, but divers here will enjoy beautiful underwater landscapes and swim undisturbed.
In Karpas, you can go on a diving safari around caves, fantastic cliffs and shipwrecks. Crystal clear water reveals diverse marine life with magnificent corals and bright fish.

Getting There

The Karpas Peninsula is under Turkish rule, and you can get here by ferry from Turkey or take a flight with a Turkish airline to Ercan. The nearest international airport is situated in Larnaca. After landing, you can rent a car or book a transfer to a hotel in advance.


The Karpas Peninsula is a great place for diving. Water temperature here never drops lower than +17 °C, and there are no tides. Warm water and good weather conditions have created one of the world's longest diving seasons: the best time to dive here is from April to December. Underwater visibility on bright days reaches 30 metres.

Dive Spots near Karpas Peninsula

At Lighthouse dive site, you will find an old iron anchor, ancient pottery, sea anemones, parrotfish, cuttlefish and crabs.
History Rock dive site is interesting from both the historical and topographical standpoint. Here, divers will discover cliffs, caves and other rock formations. Local waters conceal a rich variety of marine life, pottery shards and fragments of bombs waiting to be discovered.