Glovers Atoll's Scuba Diving

Glover's is one of three famous atolls in the Caribbean. It is located not far off the southern coast of Belize. There are 700 table coral reefs surrounded by a 80.5-km long range of steep rocks making a total area of 145 km. Glover's is a place where the North American and Caribbean plates meet. The waters of the atoll are a marine reserve. As a result of this, you can see rare species of fish and coral. People actively engage in scuba diving and snorkeling here.
Divers from all over the world come to Glover's to enjoy the bright and rich world underwater. The atoll includes a number of reef islets which are interesting diving spots. Due to the crystal clear water, this place is ideal for exploring the depths of the sea and its inhabitants.

Getting There

Transfers to Glover's depart on Sundays from Dangriga, where the international airport is located. An additional departure point is the Glovers Guest House, located in City River. You can book an individual charter to the atoll. To do this, you need to contact the camping site administration.


Glover's Atoll is located in the subtropical trade winds climate region with a comfortable water temperature for diving. In summer, it reaches +30 °C; and up to +26 °C in winter. The visibility from the outside is 30 m — it's slightly less from the inside. The dry season lasts from February to April, and it rains from May to December. Summer is when typhoons occur.

Dive Spots near Glovers Atoll

Aquarium is famous for its rich underwater world. There are many molluscs and tropical fish at the dive site. You can also see nurse sharks, reef sharks, and dolphins. The maximum diving depth is 30 m.
The Crack is a vertical cave with beautiful flora: corals and gorgonians. It is inhabited by unique creatures: bull sharks; rare species of moray eels; and sea turtles.