Famagusta's Scuba Diving

Famagusta is a seaport town situated in the south-east of Cyprus. In the 1970s, it was the main tourist destination of the island. This built a solid foundation for recreation and leisure. There are many hotels, bars, restaurants, markets and night clubs in modern Famagusta. People interested in the history of Cyprus and diving will also find something to their liking. Diving in the local waters offers an opportunity to travel back in time. The fantastic blue shade of water pierces everything around and penetrates the surroundings with sea vibrations. Deep down, divers will find ancient Greek statues, pottery, underwater caves and famous ships purposely submerged to create artificial reefs.

Getting There

The nearest international airport to Famagusta is in Ercan. Only Turkish airlines land there. You can reach the city from the airport by bus or car in 30 minutes. There is an international airport which is in Larnaca. You can get from the airport to Famagusta by bus or car.

Dive Shops in Famagusta


Famagusta is located in a Mediterranean climate zone. Summer here is hot and dry, with an average air temperature of +33 °C, and winter is short and mild, with heavy precipitation. The driest month is August and the rainiest is December. The best period for diving is from June to October when the sea warms up to +24… +28 °C.

Dive Spots near Famagusta

Cyclop’s Cave is a great place to get acquainted with cave diving. You can dive directly from the shore.
Green Bay is available for diving and snorkelling. Here, you will find beautiful landscapes, sponges, large loggerhead sea turtles, brown Labrus, striped pomfrets and shoals of barracudas.

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