Elba's Scuba Diving

Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago located 10 km from the coast of Piombino, which it is separated by a strait of the same name. It belongs to the Italian province of Livorno and is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Diving is quite well-developed in the region. The abundance of flora and fauna, as well as the beauty of the bottom, create unparalleled underwater landscapes. Punta di Fetovaia is considered the most popular dive site on the island and attracts divers with its multicolored gorgonians inhabited by lobsters and barracudas. Here, you can also see various pelagic fish such as groupers and East Atlantic peacock wrasse.

Dive Shops in Elba


The island of Elba is situated not far from the mainland, therefore, there are no cold winds or blistering heat here. The weather is almost always sunny. The best time to visit the island is during the high season from April to mid-October. The air temperature during this period is +23...+30 ˚С, and the water temperature does not fall below +20 ˚С.

Dive Spots near Elba

The Remaiolo dive site is a cliff of the same name. Diving depth reaches 60 meters. You will encounter barracudas here. Capo Fonza is a fantastic, 40-meter-deep wall. Here, you will see red coral, small molluscs, and black scorpionfish. Local dive clubs offer the routes of the famous French diver Jacques Mayol.