Donsol's Scuba Diving

Donsol is a town and a prefecture of the same name located in Sorsogon Province of the Philippines on Luzon Island. It is washed by the strait which connects the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Here you can see the biggest sharks during their migration to tropical waters. That's why Donsol is called the "Whale Shark Capital". Divers from all over the world come here to see these large but harmless creatures. Whale sharks are protected by the government, so scuba diving is forbidden here. You can snorkel here, but for that it's necessary to receive special permission. Remember that you are not allowed to touch whale sharks.

Getting There

It is easy to get to Donsol. You should take a taxi from Legazpi Airport to the destination. Another way is to get to the bus station from the airport, then take a bus going to Donsol.

Dive Shops in Donsol


Donsol has subequatorial monsoon climate. There are three seasons. Hot summer lasts from March to May. The period from July to November is the rainiest, and winter season lasts from December to February with the air temperature at +26 ˚С. During the year, the air warms up to +33 ˚С and water temperature reaches +30 ˚С.

Dive Spots near Donsol

Scuba diving with whale sharks in Donsol is forbidden, so snorkelling is the only underwater entertainment here. Experienced divers say that you can see several huge creatures during one dive. There are no other dive sites — tourists come here only to see the sharks.