Dili's Scuba Diving

Dili is the capital and the main port of East Timor (Indonesian: Timor-Leste) located on the north coast of Timor Island that is a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesian: Kepalauan Nusa Tenggara) located in a calm harbour where there are a few good dive spots. Scuba divers will be interested in untouched coral reefs going into the depth of the sea. The reefs are located just a few steps from sandy beaches. Local diving spots consist of steep reefs and walls with peaks falling 40-60 meters down. Everything is possible here. You can snorkel, free dive, indulge in recreational and even technical diving. The region is located in a famous Coral Triangle and is home for a significant number of species of reef fish.


The climate in Dili is hot and humid. Diving here is available all year round, but the tropical cyclones that come around from November to April make dives more complicated. The air temperature varies between +30 and +35 °C, and the water warms up to +28 °C on average. The visibility can exceed 40 meters, but it depends on rains and oceanic currents. The peak visibility is during the dry season (from May to October).

Dive Spots near Dili

Pinnacle is a peak with strong currents located a few minutes sailing from the harbour in Dili. It is a great location to meet large pelagic fishes, reef sharks, and green turtles.
Dirt Track, or Whale Shark Point, is a reef with colourful corals and many reef fish. You will also whale sharks, giant oceanic manta rays, and other large marine inhabitants.

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