Coromandel Peninsula's Scuba Diving

The Coromandel Peninsula is located between the Gulfs of Hauraki and Firth of Thames in New Zealand. There are few smooth sandy beaches here as the shores of Coromandel are mostly steep. But it is a perfect place for diving, offering exciting discoveries at the bottom of the sea. Diving in the crystal-clear water, you will see marine castles, arches, and wrecks covered with coral. The underwater landscapes here are among the most diverse in New Zealand. Islands with submerged caves, towers, and peaks have become home to many marine creatures: crayfish, king mackerel, moray eels, etc. This inimitable beauty is worth coming to dive here.

Getting There

Coromandel Peninsula is located on the east coast of North Island in New Zealand. It takes about 1.5 hours driving along the Pacific coast highway to get to the peninsula from such major cities as Auckland, Hamilton, and Rotorua.


You can dive on Coromandel Peninsula all year round. It has a subtropical climate with mild, humid winters and sunny summers. The air temperature rises to +24…+ 31 °C in summers and goes down to +12…+14 °С in the middle of winter. The water temperature varies between +14.5 °C in August and +19 °C in February, therefore, in any season, you will need a wetsuit.

Dive Spots near Coromandel Peninsula

South Sunk is located in Mercury Bay. The dive site offers an abundance of marine creatures including huge marble fish, hiwihiwi, and silver drummers. In the warm months, the number of creatures increases.
Kingfish Reef is adorned with sponges and sea anemones that are inhabited by sea slugs, yellow eels, and clownfish.

Dive into
Coromandel Peninsula