Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon's Scuba Diving

Truk Lagoon is a natural water body located inside a barrier reef in Chuuk Atoll. Truk belongs to a Micronesian state with the same name that lies in the central part of the archipelago. The Pacific Ocean washes its shores. The total area of the lagoon is 2,000 sq. km. Its waters hide one of the largest warship graveyards on the planet. More than 50 Japanese warships and several thousand planes crushed and sunk here in 1944 after US air attack. For instance, there is Nippon Maru cargo ship lying at a depth of 40-50 meters. You can see a light tank and some artillery pieces on its upper deck. The ship's picturesque bridge, telegraph and steering wheel are also in perfect condition. It feels as if the time stopped here, which makes it a perfect place for underwater photography.

Getting There

You would have to fly to Guam to get to the Truk Lagoon. Then, book a flight with one of the local airlines to get to Truk, where the local dive shops can help you get to your destination.


Truk Lagoon is in a tropical climate zone. The average annual air temperature is +30 °С, and the water warms up to +29 °С. Characteristic for this region is changing weather, from dry (January to March) to wet (April to December). Typhoons are frequent during the rainy season. Consequently, many atolls get flooded. The dry season is the best time to visit the lagoon.

Dive Spots near Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon

Multiple wrecks are Truk Lagoon's main dive spots. For instance, there is Aikoku Maru liner, a 150 meter-long cargo-and-passenger. Its bottom is rooted deep in the seabed. The ship's body is corroded, the holds are empty, and topside is ruined. Hoyo Maru tanker with its stern up lies at the depth of 36 meters. The ship's bottom is home to fish and corals, which turned it into a reef.

Dive into
Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon