Canterbury's Scuba Diving

Canterbury is a region in New Zealand which capital is the city of Christchurch. Humans haven't upset the local ecological balance yet. Therefore, nature remained almost untouched. This is why this place is rated so highly by tourists. Divers took fancy to the coastal waters of Canterbury. Everyone can enjoy observing beautiful reefs, caves, and other sights of the sea bottom which can be rocky, sandy or stony depending on the region. Dives are performed in protected bays which surround the peninsula. Flea Bay hosts the Pohatu Marine National Park where you can see fur seals and penguins. Thanks to the beautiful underwater landscape with kelps and corals, you can take gorgeous photos almost at any location.


Canterbury has a mild oceanic and a rather dry climate with long, warm summers (+15-25 °C) and mild winters (+5-15 °C). Diving is possible here all year round as the water temperature does not drop below +13 °С. The visibility ranges from 10 to 40 m; currents could be found in some locations.

Dive Spots near Canterbury

Lynch Reef is a beautiful dive site covered with red, brown, and green kelp forest growing 18 m deep. At the foot of the rocks, you will see molluscs and earless seals.
Pigeon Bay, which is 12 m deep, is famous for its beautiful algae and sea tulips which make a perfect background for photos. Here you will find red cod and molluscs.