Bidong Island's Scuba Diving

The Bidong is an archipelago of small islands washed by the South China Sea. It is located not far away from Terengganu, Malaysia. Earlier, Vietnamese refugees hid on the Bidong. However today the islands are freely accessible. The laboratory that studies marine ecosystems is located here. The archipelago is very popular among divers. Locals are actively engaged in scuba diving, wreck diving, and snorkelling. You will see incredible diving spots inhabited by bright creatures. Sunken ships and boats have become home to large fish. Kapak Island is famous for blue sea anemones which shine blue during night dives.

Getting There

To get to the Bidong you would need to start your journey from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kuala Terengganu or Merang by plane or by bus. Then you need to take a ferry or rent a boat.

Dive Shops in Bidong Island


The climate on Bidong allows you to dive all year round, except the monsoon season (November to February). The best time for diving is from April to September when the air is about +30-32 °C, and the water is +27-28 °C. The weather is rather changeable, even in dry months, there can be monsoons.

Dive Spots near Bidong Island

Rocks, reefs, and wrecks are the main dive spots of the Bidong. The most popular sites are Macha Rock with turtles, Batu Tengkorak with whale sharks, and Jetty with a night show. Heritage Row dive site with sunken truck, bus and cultural artefacts is a place of individual attention. Vietnamese Wreck and the Tongkang barge can be fascinating among wrecks.