Atauro Island's Scuba Diving

Atauro Island belongs to Timor-Leste and is washed by the Savu Sea. The place offers tourists beautiful sceneries with picturesque hills, clean sea with sheltered harbours, numerous deserted beaches with white sand. Dive sites are scattered all around the island, but the most popular are located along the western coast. Under the water, on the greatest part of the island, shallow reefs are narrowing down to the abyss, coral gardens are blossoming around; there are many underwater caves and steep walls. In local waters, there are more coral reef fishes than anywhere on the planet. Many of them are still unstudied or even undiscovered.
Diving opens an opportunity to explore spectacular underwater sceneries. The visibility is excellent, and the biological diversity and pure nature of coral reefs are phenomenal.

Getting There

There are two ways to get to Atauro Island. You can take a water taxi or a public ferry. Both vehicles depart from the pier in Dili. If you chose a taxi, the journey would take 1 hour, and if you prefer a boat, it would take you 2 hours to get to the destination.


Diving on Atauro Island is possible all year round. The water temperature varies from +26 to +29 °C. The weather is hot and humid; the average air temperature is +27-30 °С. From May till the beginning of November, it is the dry season. At all other times, north-western monsoons prevail, which bring tropical rainfalls.

Dive Spots near Atauro Island

North Point is a favourite diving place with beautiful coral formations and a variety of clownfish, marine angelfish, humphead wrasse, lionfish, and barracudas. In the Manta Rays Bay common rays, dolphins and dugongs are commonly spotted.
Those who like wreck diving will enjoy the Baroana site with fragments of a Japanese plane crashed during World War II.